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    Jeda Wellnest is a Center of Lifestyle Medicine combining Movement, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Healing — founded by a mix of holistic healing practitioners, nutritionist, yoga teachers, and mindfulness practitioners with a total of 50+ years experience













    After learning the scientific secrets behind the longest living people on earth, we believe that a fulfilled, healthy, and successful life is possible


    Dan Buettner, the author of New York Times bestseller "The Blue Zones", came up with the Power 9 principles. Some of these principles are:

    1. Active lifestyle;
    2. Sense of purpose;
    3. Quality rest;
    4. Mindful eating;
    5. Predominantly whole-food plant-based diet; and
    6. Right tribe (positive social circle).


    At Jeda, we share these principles through bite-sized learnings in the form of Weekend Wellness Workshops, Movement & Meditation Classes, Holistic Clinic, and Corporate Wellness Program.

    By applying the learnings, you will gain clarity of your body-mind-soul health and are empowered to implement practical solutions to your personal issues.

  •  what can we help you with?



    • Promote healthy gut & drastically improve your immune system
    • Support optimum children's holistic development
    • Eat more & lose weight sustainably
    • Increased focus, productivity and energy level
    • Boosted sense of confidence
    • Glowing and acne-free skin


    •  Healed past trauma and embrace the learnings
    • Healed chronic illnesses through lifestyle intervention
    • Cleared limiting beliefs in regards to relationship, wealth, and personal development
    • Higher quality and more intimate relationship
    • Increased focus, mental clarity and energy level
    • Feeling at peace with oneself


    • Prevent & stop the progression of most chronic health issues & reverse some cases (s.a. heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune, and depression)
    • Improved health & emotional wellbeing
    • Boosted creativity and mental clarity
    • Increase professional and athletic performance
    • Less stress, less anxious, less angry, less reactive… overall much more resilient & happier!


  • Welcome to the transformational journey of self-reflection, pausing to grow, and practising wellbeing!

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