• Private Session with Adjie

  • Work Hours:

    Monday - Friday

    1 PM - 2 PM

    Online (through Zoom app)

    60" session: Rp 600.000

  • Emotional Healing

    Clear out your emotional baggage. And be free.

    What Will You Get From an Emotional Healing Session?

    What you’ll get from this coaching?

    • Strengthen the immune system
    • Treat psychosomatic diseases
    • Find practical solutions to maintain daily health
    • Resting the mind
    • Treating conflicts in relationships
    • Release the burden, forgive, and relieve the heart
    • Manage stress, emotions, and emotional wounds
    • Increases concentration and gain power
    • Recharge body's energy
    • Boost your life's spirit

    About Adjie

    True to his Javanese roots, Adjie Santosoputro is only affluent in his local language. However, since 2010, he found his true passion and strengths in emotional healing, mindfulness practice, energy management, cultivating good habits, self-compassion and post-break-up/divorce healing.