• Private Session with Divyha

  • Work Hours :

    Tuesday and Thursday

    Online (through Zoom Could Meeting)


    60" online session: Rp 400.000

  • Uncover Your Zen

    “Understanding and practicing self-care on your terms to become the best version of yourself.”

    What is Uncover Your Zen?

    Uncover Your Zen reveals what is blocking you from achieving a sense of “Zen” by identifying the areas of self-care that need attention. The session will explore self-care solutions and outline action steps based on self-care practices that best fit your personality and world. It will also help discover your go-to self-care practices and provide you with the tools to achieve and maintain that sense of inner peace.

    What Will You Get From a Uncover Your Zen Coaching?


    • Understanding the six areas of self-care and identifying the areas that needs attention

    • Discovering blockages to your “Zen” – Understanding WHY these blockages exist

    • Set personalized, practical goals to feel more “Zen”

    • Outline potential solutions/practices and action steps that best fit you – what are your go-to self-care practices, what practices do you need to commit to and the areas to focus on.

    • Achieve a balanced mind, body and soul by learning to prioritize each area of self-care.

    • Make positive affirmations and gratitude a habit

    About Divyha

    Divyha Bhojwani suffered from anxiety and eventually realized it was self-inflicted by her own mindset. She learned that a huge part of her anxiety stemmed from the lack of practicing self-care. Self-care is a vital part of self-preservation and self-development, which is more than just pampering and grooming sessions. Self-care is learning to love yourself and honoring your needs in all areas of your life. It is finding the balance between prioritizing yourself and others. It is living as your most authentic self. Self-care is about achieving a sense of inner peace – or “Zen” - and contentment from prioritizing certain choices, activities or practices that make you feel, think and do better. Self-care is a coping mechanism. It simply helps you function better. Divyha Bhojwani launched The Zen Monk (@thezenmonk_) in the hopes of inspiring and helping others to “feel good” through practicing self-care. Because when you take better care of yourself, you take better care of everyone else around you. When you feel good, you make others around you feel good too. When you love yourself, you love others better. Divyha is here to help you understand the true importance of self-care, integrate it in your life and empower you to become the best version of yourself.
    In simpler terms, she is your “feel good” coach.
    The Zen Monk’s tagline:
    “Simply caring for the ME, essentially impacts the WE.”