• Private Session with Lisa

  • Work Hours:

    By appointment only

    at Jeda Wellnest or online (through Zoom app)

    60" session: Rp 1.000.000

  • Holistic Wellness Coaching

    Have your dream relationship, achieve your physical health goals, and create a meaningful life.

    What Will You Get From a Holistic Wellness Coaching?

    What you’ll get from this coaching?

    • How to have a happy relationship
    • How to activate your act of kindness
    • How to achieve and maintain your physical health
    • How to have a spiritual engagement and meaning
    • How to have a mindful and positive thinking
    • How to have strength and virtue
    • How to be in a state of flow

    About Lisa

    With her svelte figure and a pleasant smile that sparks joy, Lisa Samadikun has an attachment to movement: be it yoga, performing arts, dancing or anything fitness-related. A former Banker who is also an Auto-Immune survivor, she dedicates her second life to live with a purpose--the opportunity of giving back. Lisa shares her life-changing journey through her book, Teruntuk Bahagia, in which she curates work-life balance corporate programs and Happiness Is Workshops which are not to be missed. She is also certified in Bikram Hot Yoga, Pre & Post Natal, Yoga for Kids & the Elderly as well as breathing therapy for self-healing.