• Private Session with Max

  • Work Hours:

    By appointment only

    at Jeda Wellnest or online (through Zoom app)


    90" online session:

    1 session = Rp 850.000

  • Nutritional Healing Coaching

    Best-kept secrets in medicine for a healthier, more productive, longer-lived life.

    What Will You Get From a Nutritional Healing Coaching?

    • Improve & reverse chronic health issues (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune, and women’s health issues) through practical nutrition
    • Creating personalised nutritional protocols to reverse & manage chronic health issues s.a. cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, depression and other mental issues related to gut
    • Improve gut health & radically support the immune system
    • Holistic meal plans to heal IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) s.a. leaky gut, colitis, and GERD (acid reflux) and digestive issues
    • Whole food nutrition guide to sustainably lose weight, maintain an ideal weight, and balance hormones.
    • Hyper-nourish protocol to increase & optimise sports performance and accelerate recovery
    • Coach clients who want to transition to a healthy & balanced plant-based diet during all stages of life (pregnancy, kids, teens, adults, seniors)
    • Teaching how to cook delicious whole-food plant-based meals that your family & friends will enjoy
    • Educating office workers & school kids to start practicing healthy diets

    About Max

    Max is an expert for weight loss, athletes, and chronic health issues. He is passionate about practical meal plans for effortless healthy diets while practising sustainable eating. For his corporate wellness programs, Max introduces healthy eating and evidence-based nutrition through fun talk shows—followed by an interactive cooking demo, delicious food-testing, and practical tips to kickstart healthy eating habits. ​

  • Autoimmune Reversal Nutrition Project


    Autoimmune Reversal Nutrition Project


    Autoimmune Reversal Nutrition Project