• Private Session with Melissa

  • Work Hours :

    Monday-Friday (by appointment only)

    Online (through Zoom Could Meeting)


    60" online session: Rp 1.000.000

  • Health & Life Coaching

    You and your health deserve better

    What Will You Get From a Nutritional Health Coaching?


    • How to crush your health and weight loss goals with ease. (instead of overwhelm, frustration and willpower)
    • Why you aren't losing weight and keeping it off with your current diets. 
    • The mindset shift you need to adopt to understand that following diets is NOT an effective way for weight loss...so you can stop playing around with your  time and money
    • How to still eat carbs and see long term results the right way
    • How to prepare your favorite (!) food and enjoy it without guilt. Recipes included!
    • What I did to make weight loss an issue of the past, and what you can do to do the same (hint: I'm not going to tell you to cut out sweets and carbs)
    • How to make your beliefs and imagination work in your favor
    • Simple ways to understand your eating pattern and emotional triggers, because we want to dive into the root cause of those binge episodes my friend (I don't mean the Korean dramas on Netflix!)


    About Melissa

    I'm Melissa, a mother of 2 boys, a holistic health coach and integrative nutritionist living my best life in Bali :). I'm also a former obsessive dieter who changed the course of my life through a whole food plant-based lifestyle and mindfulness.

  • Testimonials

  • "I've successfully lost my post pregnancy weight with Melissa's help. Each session was practical and exactly what I needed. I learned to balance between good and healthy nutrition with a healthy mindset and habits in general. My cravings are improved and I'm in a much better place now physically and mentally. Thank you Mel."

    ~ Karen P for a Nutritional Health Coaching with Melissa

    "Melissa's positivity is contagious, the framework she's teaching is relevant and so easy to adopt."

    ~ Salvy Gunawan for a Nutritional Health Coaching with Melissa

    "I felt much better at the end of the session, encouraged and motivated. We went much deeper than looking at what I ate etc. We also went into all the emotional attachment behind it. Some of it was quite confronting, but it was done with so much compassion and kindness. Much more than I could give myself at that moment. Life is too short not to live in your full potential and now and then, we all need some help to get there."

    ~ Victoria Chong for a Nutritional Health Coaching with Melissa

    "Last year I suffered from acne. I spent a fortune on expensive creams but it was never a long lasting solution. Because of my session with Melissa, it made me realize that my skin is what I eat!! She is encouraging, informative, entertaining and so interesting! Thank you Melissa for sharing this with me!"

    ~ Poi for a Nutritional Health Coaching with Melissa

    "I was diagnosed with PCOS and Melissa put me on an elimination diet, and helped me with a meal plan. It was easier than I thought, I'm so happy our paths have crossed!"

    ~ Dina S for a Nutritional Health Coaching with Melissa