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    To support your health and healing journey in the best possible way, we only partner up with teachers and practitioners who are certified in their respective fields and hold a strict code of ethics.


    Holistic Healing Practitioner

    Reza is our Masterclass Teacher whose expertise and forte lies in self healing, emotional and trauma healing, mind-body healing, zen counselling, mindful living and practical spirituality. Besides his professional traits, Reza is a professional musician and is ardent in his piano and vocal skills as well as a total immersion swimming coach.


    Mindfulness Practitioner and Emotional Healer

    True to his Javanese roots, Adjie Santosoputro is only affluent in his local language. However since 2010, he found his true passion and strengths in emotional healing, mindfulness practice, energy management, cultivating good habits, self compassion and post break-up/divorce healing.


    Certified Plant-based Chef, Nutrition & Health Coach

    Max is an expert for weight loss, athletes, and chronic health issues. He is passionate about practical meal plans for effortless healthy diets while practising sustainable eating. For his corporate wellness programs, Max introduces healthy eating and evidence-based nutrition through fun talk shows—followed by an interactive cooking demo, delicious food-testing, and practical tips to kickstart healthy eating habits. ​


    Certified Pilates Instructor

    Maina chose to delve into pilates approximately six years ago, in which she had a private teacher come home twice a week. Four years later, not only were her body and soul in great shape, she chose to deepen her knowledge further by taking up the teacher training course with the aim of helping people feel the way she feel regularly. By pursuing her passion into a career, she hope she's able to deliver the results in the best possible manner.


    Ayurveda Practitioner, Vedic Astrologer, Dance Therapy Facilitator

    Having learned different holistic healing modalities since 2012 (with a focus on Ayurveda), Zia believes that every human is born unique and gifted in their way. And that with the different body constitutions that each of us has, we're meant to fulfil a role and purpose that only we could do. In addition to her experience and training around the world, Zia created several platforms (YouTube channel, podcast, Ayuritual) where she shares her knowledge and experiences to empower others to take control of their wellbeing and create a life they love. Here's a woman with a mission.