• Merumuskan Masalah

    with Aleima Sharuna | every Monday at Zoom cloud meeting

  • Sesi ini ditujukan khusus bagi Alumni kelas Self Healing Hati yang masih membutuhkan bantuan untuk merumuskan 'pot masalah.' Sesi selama 30 menit, mendiskusikan bagaimana membuat 'pot masalah' sesuai dengan masalah yang ingin di proses saat ini.


    Sesi ini hanya berlaku bagi alumni Self-Healing Hati.

  • About Aleima

    In 2010, Aleima found self healing and meditation where she learned Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) through her teacher Reza Gunawan. Since then, Aleima has been mesmerized with the world of healing, self discovery, and meditation. TAT has been one of the most often tools she use to heal her emotional problems and wounds, get deeper with her self understanding, and to help her discover what the next steps she has to take in life. Falling for its magical technique, she took the practitioners’ path in 2014 and completed her certification in 2018. And after using it for 9 years, she is now fully ready to help others through TAT.


    Since 2010 Aleima has been actively joined several workshops of healing and meditation. She is also practicing emotional release through breathwork and love to go to several meditation retreats to connect deeper with her soul and life’s journey.